Jeep plans new hybrid SUVs by 2022

Jeep has some big plans for the future. According to the carmaker, the company is planning to introduce ten hybrid and four all-electric models by 2022. Jeep is a specialist when it comes to SUV segment. We saw some amazing models in the past, no doubt about it. A company’s five-year plan already started, however, Jeep still does not offer any type of hybrid vehicle.

That is about to change. A hybrid version will appear in all ranges and segments. Firstly, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Compass will get a hybrid drivetrain. Then there is the Renegade that will arrive as a smaller and more affordable model. Moreover, a pickup truck model will get a hybrid variant as well. On top of that, Jeep will introduce an all-new three-row SUV and the Grand Wagoneer model will make a comeback. You must admit, this plan sounds quite impressive. But that is not the end. Jeep will introduce all-electric vehicles too. For the end, American automaker also wants to offer some vehicles with the level 3 autonomy technologies. That means the vehicle will take care of itself and the driver’s only job is to be present inside the cabin. With this system, you can use your phone or even watch movies and let the vehicle do the rest.

Jeep plans new hybrid SUVs by 2022

Crossovers and SUVs

Jeep will look to electrify its crossovers and SUVs firstly. The reason is simple. Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace are already present and Jeep will enter the big rivalry. Jeep Wrangler will arrive first in the showrooms and it will feature a plug-in hybrid system. Wrangler Hybrid will go on sale later in 2020 as a model for 2021. The rest of the crossovers and SUVs will arrive a couple of months later.

That includes Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Compass and Renegade models. As we mentioned, Renegade will see a decrease in the size and the price. On top of that, the company is making a new three-row SUV, we don’t know anything about it, expect the Jeep has confirmed the speculations. For the end, a Grand Wagoneer will make a huge comeback, also with the hybrid drivetrain.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Electrification Plans

Electrification is not cheap, you probably knew that already. Jeep is starting from the bottom when it comes to electric vehicles. For an instance, Jeep is not offering a single electric model at the moment. Now the plan is to offer ten plug-in hybrids and four electric vehicles in a four-year time. That is a lot of work to do. Jeep is aware the hybrids and EVs are the future.

The American carmaker already confirmed the rumors about the “famous” five-year plan.
“The margin is very important. That margin is dilutive for now, but in future, it can add value beyond the compliance. For a brand such as Jeep, electrification will surely enhance the brand’s value. Greater torque control will bring a higher level of off-road capability.”

Jeep Wrangler pickup

Level Three Autonomy

We already wrote something about the level three autonomy, but let’s take a closer look and explain what it means. We still don’t know the exact number of vehicles that will get a level three autonomous system, but Jeep said “numerous models”. Okay, we will not try to guess or speculate about the numbers.

The level three autonomy is a part-time autonomy to be exact. It means the vehicle will drive by itself. The driver still needs to be present inside the cabin and be ready to intervene if there is a need for that. There are five autonomous levels.

Level 0 is, of course, a level with no automation at all. The human steers, brakes, accelerates and do whatever it needs to be done.
Level 1 is better but it still involves the driver. Look for the Adaptive Cruise Control system for example. The driver sets the system that will continue to work under a command. It is a semi-autonomous system to be precise. The car controls either speed or steering, but not both in the same time.
Level 2 is partial automation. The car steers, brakes and accelerate by itself, but only in certain circumstances. The driver still needs to respond to lane changes or traffic signals.
Level 3 is the level where the car manages to take care of most of the aspects. That even includes environment monitoring. The driver only needs to navigate when the vehicle can’t navigate by itself.
Level 4 is a higher level of automation. The driver only operates under certain conditions. For example, the driver drives the car to the highway. From that point, the vehicle operates everything else.
Level 5 is full automation. The driver is only entering the destination. The car is taking care of everything else.

Jeep Renegade

Overall, the Jeep’s plan sounds very promising and optimistic. The American automaker will introduce probably two vehicles per year. Electrification is coming, along with the Level 3 autonomy.

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