Chrysler Portal Electric Minivan to Enter Production In 2020

After the last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the world had the opportunity to see the all-new 2020 Chrysler Portal model. It is a six-seat electric minivan. Chrysler is clearly planning some huge things for the future and this minivan is the perfect example. To this moment, the carmaker only offers two passenger vehicles, Pacifica and 300 sedans. Whatsoever, the model 300 will soon finish its journey and it will no longer exist. That leads to Chrysler Portal which perfectly describes the company’s plan for the future.

However, Portal will arrive in a one-year time and it should look almost the same as the concept we already saw. Interestingly, Portal is the product of the collaboration between the Chrysler and Panasonic. It should present a perfect family vehicle and it will cost almost like the 300 model. The exterior looks very attractive and the interior is spacious, modern and comfortable. The upcoming minivan is a perfect family minivan, so you can forget about high performances and great speed.

2020 Chrysler Portal front

2020 Chrysler Portal Offers
Unique Exterior Design

The exterior looks extremely modern, thanks to smaller proportions and plenty of glass. When the concept was first presented, no one believed the 2020 Chrysler Portal will sport so much glass. The styling is perfect and there is no overhang around the wheels. Thanks to such an odd design, we give credit to Chrysler for such a unique exterior design. The integrated LED headlights are literally placed in the hood.

The hood sports small air holes that will help with the cooling of the electric motor. Huge windshield looks curvy and it perfectly blends into the glass roof. To the sides, even the doors are looking unique. The roof glass is curvy and the sliding doors are also looking innovative. Strong character lines and creases are delivering even modernizer look. The rear part also looks interesting, especially the large taillights.

2020 Chrysler Portal interior

2020 Chrysler Portal Cabin Looks Very Stylish

The all-new 2020 Chrysler Portal offers extremely modern interior. The design looks futuristic and unique. This minivan offers so many cool features, gadgets, and systems. Of course, you can find plenty of regular stuff as well. According to Chrysler, the electric minivan is level three semi-autonomous which means the vehicle will use sonar sensors and radars in certain situations.

Moreover, the carmaker claims the future models will be level four of autonomy. There is room for six passengers over the three rows of seats. That means each row comes with two captain’s chairs. Furthermore, rails are helping the passengers to slide front and back. In that way, the occupants can rearrange the seating configuration and reorganize the seats. The two-tone color scheme is available, the comfort is great and generally, the cabin looks very stylish.

2020 Chrysler Portal side

2020 Chrysler Portal Engine
Provide 250 Miles On a Single Charge

Chrysler didn’t say anything about the drivetrain. We know it is a battery-powered output as most of the concepts nowadays. However, carmaker presented a diagram so we can make some conclusions from that. A large part of the center floor panel will be the place for the large battery. There is only one electric motor up front and none in the back. It is clear as day that the 2020 Chrysler Portal Minivan will be a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

Reliable sources said the upcoming minivan will offer around 100 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that will provide above 250 miles on a single charge. Moreover, faster chargers should offers around 150 miles of range in 20 minutes of charging. We already wrote that this is the family vehicle and you shouldn’t expect powerful performances. Knowing that we can expect impressive mileage but the rating of horses and torque won’t be that impressive for sure.

2020 Chrysler Portal rear

2020 Chrysler Portal Release Date and Price

The approaching 2020 Chrysler Portal is about to arrive at some point in 2020. The electric minivan will represent the direction where the FCA will move from now on.

It offers futuristic design, interesting and modern interior and most importantly, great mileage. The price is not available yet, but we can expect more details in the coming weeks.

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