2024 RAM 1500 Electric Will Rival Ford F-150 Lightning

Another midsize is getting a redesign, this time around it is the 2024 RAM 1500 Electric. This is one of the top-selling trucks on the market. And for good reason, it checks all the boxes and does everything the proper way. It has received updates quite frequently and they were each better than the last one. It is time for another update, as other manufacturers are redesigning their creations.

We are expecting some minor updates on the interior. Mostly about technology and some stylish updates. On the outside, things look to remain the same as there is nothing to improve. Under the hood, we might get some big surprises. Let’s take a look at what the RAM 1500 will look like.

Exterior Features

On the outside, we expect only minor tweaks. The 2024 RAM 1500 Electric, resembles its predecessors. However, there are certain markings that distinguish it from internal combustion models. The bumpers are prominent and make the truck look aggressive. Wheels are lightweight to shave off some weight and are 19 inches in size. There is an option for larger ones and they arrive with off-road tires.

The ride height is over 9 inches and it has skids under the body itself. Hook and winch possibilities are optional but we guess everyone wants those. The front fascia is not as vivid as there is no mesh. Under the hood, you will find extra storage space.

2024 RAM 1500 Electric price

Interior Refreshments

On the inside, we don’t expect drastic changes, but there will be improvements on the 2024 RAM 1500 Electric. Seating is going to be improved with more cushioning and better lumbar support. After all, this is often used as a workhorse, and sitting in a bad position is not something you want. Infotainment is standard with all the connectivity. A 13-inch screen will be available for entertainment, the dashboard is digital as well.

This is nice as it offers further customization to track all the info you need. Safety features are standard and we can expect lane departure alerts, automatic brakes, and similar. Also, we might get hands-free driving software with the new 2024 RAM 1500 Electric. This is a program that lets you relax behind the wheel while the computer drives you wherever you want. But it only works on pre-mapped roads.

Ram 1500 Electric Specs

It was announced that the new 2024 RAM 1500 Electric will be sold as an electric version only. This obviously means that a new platform is needed. This does pose a bit of a problem as a lot of things have to be changed and redesigned. The new platform is the STLA frame specially designed for electric powertrains. This will also be used for heavy-duty trucks under the RAM flag. Some of them will have fuel cells that can generate electricity on their own. This also serves as a range extender which is something every EV owner wants obviously. This is dubbed the Range Electric Paradigm Breaker.

There will be a dual motor setup for the 1500 RAM. This means a motor for each of the axles. This is a good idea since it improves power and capabilities. All-wheel drive is present definitely.

The battery is 200 kWh which is amazing and will provide the RAM 1500 with a great toolset to win over other electric trucks. This would put the range of the truck above 500 miles on a single charge. As far as we know, there are no other pickups that can do that. Add the fact that the cells can recharge on their own and you have fast charging, and you have yourself a winner. The architecture is an 800-volt build. Some manufacturers also offer free charging for up to 2 years if you purchase an EV. Perhaps RAM does this to incentivize people to buy into the hype.

Driving Range

As already mentioned, the 2024 RAM 1500 Electric has an amazing range. The battery is big enough for 500 miles on a single charge. It can recharge on its own and top up in less than half an hour. This is something that hasn’t been seen on the market yet and is sure to attract a good amount of buyers.

2024 Ram 1500 Electric Price and Release Date

It is believed that the electric 1500 RAM will hit the road later in 2023. Probably be summer, if there are no further issues with the supply chain. Estimates put the price at around $40000 for the basic trim. But it is possible that it might go up even more.

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