2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid Rumors

The upcoming 2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid will reportedly arrive next year. It was a matter of time when Challenger’s platform will become outdated. Moreover, the emission regulations are very strict. Because of that, a Challenger muscle car with a hybrid powertrain is the most reasonable outcome. It was a matter of time and Dodge made a decision to continue with the production.

This two-door model will continue to offer AWD setup and astonishing performances. We don’t know if the SRT or Hellcat variants will also get hybrid power. While we are waiting to hear more details from Dodge, here’s everything we know so far.

2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid price

Dodge Challenger Hybrid Specs

The manufacturer said the 2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid is the only logical outcome. Dodge talked about electrification. However, the new Challenger will not be an all-electric model. Instead, Dodge is talking about a hybrid variant. Most likely, Challenger will deploy a 48-volt light-hybrid system with one motor/generator working in combination with the combustion engine.

However, we don’t know which engine will be in use and how much power the Challenger Hybrid will actually produce. On the other hand, the carmaker said the fans should forget about a potent supercharged V8 700-hp engine. The focus is on meeting the CO2 regulations and improving fuel efficiency. More details will become available in the coming months.

2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid specs

Interior Changes

The new 2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid has an interior that looks like a classic muscle car, but it has a clean design and a lot of nice features, too. In comparison to its pony car competitors, the Dodge has a lot more space inside, and adults can even sit in the back seat. However, its rubberized materials look more like old vinyl than high-end plastic, and the rear sight isn’t good enough.

However, even if you get the optional bolstered seats for your Challenger, the grip is still better in models such as Camaro and Mustang. The Challenger has a lot of space. It also has a place for a smartphone that is easy to reach. Still, we don’t expect to see any changes to the inside of the car.

2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid interior


The forthcoming 2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid will once again have one natural rival. It is the iconic Ford Mustang. Like Challenger, Mustang will also offer a hybrid powertrain option. We don’t know yet if the Chevy Camaro will get the same treatment in the future. Anyway, Ford constantly improves the Mustang car, and it is perhaps the segment leader.

Both the Challenger and Mustang are offering a lot of power and great performances. However, supercharged V8 engines are in the past, so it will be interesting to see how these two famous cars will perform with new units. Many experts believe the Mustang will continue to dominate the segment, but Challenger will be right behind, no doubt about that.

2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid Release Date, Price

The price of the new 2023 Dodge Challenger Hybrid is almost impossible to predict. The Challenger car offers so many different versions, from the R/T Scatpack to GT and Hellcat models. Because of that, we don’t know if every variant will get hybrid power. Anyway, the sales will reportedly begin later next year, probably around September.

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