2022 Dodge Viper – Can This Iconic Supercar Make a Comeback?

The forthcoming 2022 Dodge Viper could happen so the big comeback is still on the cards. It is an iconic supercar, lastly produced in 2017. Plenty of fans are fantasying that the comeback will happen in the near future. According to some reports, this is still a possible outcome. On the other hand, some other reports are saying the opposite.

The word is that Dodge has no plans to revive the Viper model as the last model cost Dodge a lot of money. Still, reliable sources are strongly suggesting its comeback. The 2022 Viper is rumored to arrive as a convertible model with a V8 engine. New model won’t depart from the old roots but Viper will now wear a more modern design.

2022 Dodge Viper SRT

2022 Viper Looks Sportier After Redesign

The all-new 2022 Dodge Viper will get a new design. We are talking about styling that will depart from the 2017 model. That means the Viper will look more modern than its predecessor. Moreover, Dodge will deliver more lightweight materials, including aluminum and carbon fiber. The independent front and rear suspensions are brand-new, which is great.

The Viper supercar will feature improved aerodynamics, its hood is longer and the character lines are more pronounced. Thanks to that, this model looks very aggressive and sporty. On the other hand, we don’t know what type of wheels will be in the offer. Furthermore, Viper will get new exterior paints.

2022 Dodge Viper concept

Interior Details

On the inside, the new 2022 Dodge Viper will stick to its original interior. That means there will be room for two passengers only. Additionally, this supercar will feature some old cues such as traditional buttons and controls, wood trims, and other recognizable stuff. On the other hand, Dodge will surely introduce a modern dash, larger touchscreen options, and a completely revised instrument panel.

The comfort will be better, so new seats that are more supportive are a must. As for the sporty side of the interior, Viper will get a new steering wheel, power-adjustable pedals, and Alcantara leather upholstery with Alcantara accents.

Dodge Viper Specs

Under the bonnet, a V8 engine option is rumored. The 2022 Dodge Viper won’t use an iconic V10 version as the previous model. Instead, the company will continue to focus on downsizing everything, including the powertrain options. Because of that, Viper will deploy a smaller V8 engine with 550 horsepower.

Moreover, FCA is reportedly working on a new engine that will generate up to 700 hp. The reports are saying that there is a possibility for this engine to appear by 2022. However, this is just a rumor at the moment. We are convinced that the Dodge will offer various performance packages and trim levels.

2022 Dodge Viper specs

2022 Dodge Viper Release Date and Price

The price of the upcoming 2022 Dodge Viper will start below $100,000. New Viper is still not official, some reports are convinced that this model is making a comeback. On the other hand, some other sources are saying that Dodge has no plans to build a car that is not profitable.

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