2020 Ram Rebel TRX beats Ford Raptor model with its 707 HP powertrain output

Ram’s concept from 2016 that was presented in Texas will finally see production. The 2020 Ram Rebel TRX will hit the roads in a two-year time and it will deliver more power than the original concept shown. For the start, there will be two variants of Rebel. Rebel TR that offers a 7.0-liter Hemi V8 and Rebel TRX with the 6.2-liter Hemi Hellcat V8. The new images are available and we can see plenty of design cues.

There will be a lot of changes. For the start, the TRX model is clearly based on the Ram 1500 pickup truck. However, Rebel TRX comes with higher suspension by 40 percent. The exterior is pleasing and it is very attractive. The 2020 model offers new bed rails, new wheels, and tires. The interior will benefit from a heavy use of suede inserts for better grip and standard cloth upholstery. The high-performance pickup truck will arrive in the middle of 2020.

2020 Ram Rebel TRX side

2020 Ram Rebel TRX will get a redesigned grille

Some changes are visible to the new 2020 Ram 1500 Rebel TRX model. According to images that we got, the exterior will suffer most of the changes. A beefier version of the regular 1500 pickup will get raised suspension. The suspension is increased by 40 percent. That also means we can expect further mechanical upgrades. The styling is perfect and Rebel TRX is clearly made for tackling rough terrains at higher speed.

With that in mind, the pickup will be very practical. Every styling cues are here for a reason and it is not the aesthetical reason for sure. In order to deliver better off-road performances, Ram will deploy new wheel arches. The grille will suffer a redesign which should allow better airflow to the supercharger under the hood. The hood will remain but the fog lights are all-new. Large tow hooks are integrated into the bumpers. New bed rails are available, which will provide better built-in storage. The tailgate is done in Matte Black and 37-inch Mopar’s tires are brand new.

2020 Ram Rebel TRX interior

2020 Ram Rebel TRX seats are offering great lateral support

The interior is looking great. The comfort is on a high level and the standard cloth upholstery looks upscale. Ram came with an idea with heavy suede inserts that will provide better grip on the seats and steering wheel. That will help the passengers to stay in control. The 2020 Ram Rebel TRX will also use suede materials on the rear bench seats and front bucket seats. Even the suede inserts are providing extreme grip. The front seats are offering great lateral support and are heavily bolstered.

There is room for four persons and this pickup offers ample legroom and headroom. The center console looks the same as on the Ram 1500 model, but the instrument panel will largely depart. Premium Harman Kardon audio system is available and it offers up to 19 speakers. Active noise cancelation helps the cabin to stay quiet and pleasant place to be. Further red contrast stitching and badging are clearly visible from the inside.

2020 Ram Rebel TRX engine

2020 Ram Rebel TRX powertrain

As we wrote, there will be two different versions of the upcoming pickup truck. The first variant is the Rebel TR that will use a new 7.0-liter Hemi V8. This engine will replace the 6.4-Hemi V8 and it will generate 525 horsepower. The 2020 Ram Rebel TRX is the second and most popular version. Just like in the original concept will feature a 6.2-liter supercharged V8. The Hemi Hellcat engine can produce 707 horses. If you remember, in the original concept the powertrain was producing 575. It looks like the Ram will take an advantage and offer engine’s full capacity, which is 707 HP.

With those figures, 2020 Ram Rebel TRX will look to beat Ford Raptor that is yet to announce new significant upgrades. Blue Oval carmaker will have to step up, Ram is not kidding around. A 700+ hp powertrain, new suspension and plenty of new features will put this high-performance pickup on top when it arrives.

2020 Ram Rebel TRX rear

2020 Ram Rebel TRX price and release date

The 2020 Ram Rebel TRX will start at about $52,000. The forthcoming model will arrive with plenty of customizations so the price could hit the $70,000 mark. This high-performance pickup will soon start the production and it will arrive in the second quarter of 2020. The production will start in Michigan.

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