2020 RAM ProMaster Redesign: New Generation

The all-new 2020 Ram ProMaster is a full-size van that will enter the new generation. Based on the Fiat Ducato, ProMaster is one of a few unibody vans on the market and it will now get a complete redesign. It is hard to believe that the ProMaster will switch to the body-on-frame segment as it would cost too much money.

There is not much difference between the Ducato and ProMaster vans, except the powertrain choice. Whatsoever, we could make a statement and say the ProMaster is the U.S. version of Fiat Doblo. Well, at list the City model, if not the cargo one. Powered by a V6 unit, Ram ProMaster will suffer additional interior upgrades and the engine lineup will remain.

2020 RAM ProMaster front

2020 RAM ProMaster Design and Dimensions

The new generation of 2020 RAM ProMaster comes with a complete redesign. The new model will look sleeker and more attractive. Don’t count on that funky feeling anymore, the new van will be modern and more ‘serious”. The unibody construction will remain which makes ProMaster one of a few models with the same characteristics. That also provides a lower floor height and it also improves the cargo loading. A van with such construction must use front-wheel-drive, which is another good thing as the handling will be improved and more natural. The van will remain practical like before and we believe there will be zero trim levels once again.

The only customization happens on the cargo and city type of vans. Of course, there will be three different models, 1500, 2500 and 3500. The 1500 model comes with the smaller wheelbase and the 3500 model is offering the maximum length of a wheelbase. Those lengths are ranged from 118 to 159 inches. The 17-inch wheels will be optional and the single cargo door will remain. However, you can add an additional sliding door. Besides that, the redesign should provide changes up front and in the back. You can expect new exterior features like headlights, new grille, and new bumpers.

2020 RAM ProMaster interior

2020 RAM ProMaster Interior Look

The interior of the all-new 2020 RAM ProMaster will be much better now. The current model comes with some nice touches but the new one will get plenty of them. That includes more upscale materials and more premium features inside the cabin. The list of standard amenities will be longer than before, which includes keyless entry, Bluetooth and a rearview camera. The new infotainment system is available as well. It is a redesign so we can expect brand-new seats and different dashboard design. The previous model offered a 5.0-inch touchscreen and new one will get a 7.0-inch unit as standard.

On the other hand, some premium features such as leather seats will remain optional. Swiveling seats will be optional as well and this system will provide easier access. Navigation is standard and the van will get more USB ports too. We are still waiting for the family van model or so-called passenger van variant. The current model is not recommendable for families at all and it mostly serves for carrying cargo. Just like the Fiat Ducato, the 2020 RAM ProMaster is also used as an ambulance van.

2020 RAM ProMaster side

2020 RAM ProMaster Powertrain

The 2020 RAM ProMaster van is based on the Fiat Ducato and the two will share basically everything. However, one thing that separates them is the engine department. Ducato is using a 3.0-liter four-cylinder diesel that is available in Europe and on the markets around the globe. The 2020 RAM ProMaster is the version for the American and Canadian markets and it will use a proven 3.6-liter Pentastar V6. It means the full-size van will continue to deploy the same type of engine and there won’t be any updates in this category.

The V6 powertrain can produce up to 280 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. It will use the same 6-speed automatic transmission as before. Some sources are saying the European 3.0-liter diesel unit will get a turbocharger and it will be in the offer as the optional engine of the ProMaster. If that happens, you can count on significant improvements of torque figures. The diesel powertrain currently generates 174 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, without a turbocharger.

2020 RAM ProMaster rear

2020 RAM ProMaster Price and Release Date

The approaching 2020 RAM ProMaster will represent the new generation of an iconic minivan. The current model costs around $28,000 and the 2020 ProMaster will surely start at $30,000 at least. It is a small price increase but for a reason.

The new model will be much better in terms of exterior design and in terms of comfort. Longer wheelbase models will be priced at $35,000 and $36,000. The upcoming new-gen van will hit the dealerships later in 2019. Probably around November.

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