2020 Dodge Barracuda – Cuda SRT True American Muscle Car Comeback

The speculations about the Dodge Barracuda comeback are present for some time now. The segment of muscle cars is definitely returning to the good old days. For that reason, the 2020 Dodge Barracuda will boost the competition, a lot. Moreover, the famous and more powerful SRT variant will arrive as well. The “Cuda” was a famous muscle car back in the days. Unfortunately, if you are a fan of this throwback muscle car, the arriving model will look nowhere near the old model.

Have in mind the car from the 90s has no chance in today’s modern car world. Knowing that the 2020 Barracuda will arrive with less weight and a stronger engine. The exterior will look more appealing and characteristic. The interior will get more upscale surfaces and more premium upholstery. Moreover, the exterior dimensions will be decreased.

2020 Dodge Barracuda side

2020 Dodge Barracuda will borrow a lot of styling cues from its Challenger brother

The upcoming 2020 Dodge Barracuda will be similar to the Challenger model. The dimensions will be smaller than the older Barracuda version. Moreover, aerodynamics will be astonishing which means in general that the exterior will get modern updates. On top of that, an all-new chassis is ready and it will be unique.

Even the new suspension setup with magnetic dampers is made. The suspension will probably deploy a similar rear-axle setup as the Challenger. Of course, the goal is to deliver an aerodynamics by the latest standards. The exterior design will include more aluminum materials to get the lighter body and fuel economy. Furthermore, from the latest update, the new 2020 Dodge Baracuda will be offered with few colors that will include Red Vulcano, Purple, White, Black, Yellow and Green.

2020 Dodge Barracuda interior

2020 Dodge Barracuda interior comes with the 8.4-inch touchscreen system

Even the interior will borrow plenty of stuff from the Challenger’s interior. That will include the overall design and the layout. The newest infotainment system will add an 8.4-inch touchscreen.

Moreover, the system supports latest phone integrations such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Besides that, standard equipment will include new satellite navigation, Bluetooth and even the Wi-Fi. Also, we can expect some of the powerful sound systems on the market in. Of course, leather seats are available at an additional cost or you can get it with the higher trims.

Safety techs

More speed usually means better safety rating. Most likely, Chrysler will offer numerous safety package so most of the safety aids will be optional. Furthermore, some of the features are Driver Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag, Front Head Air Bag, Rear Head Air Bag, Front Side Air Bag, Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Control, Daytime Running Lights, Traction Control, Blind Spot Monitor and Cross-Traffic Alert.

Some of this techs will be available as the standard equipment and some of them will be offered with the higher trims or will come with a package.

2020 Dodge Barracuda

2020 Dodge Barracuda will not offer Hemi V8 engine

According to the latest rumors, the 2020 Dodge Barracuda will not offer a famous Hemi V8 engine. The reason is the significant decrease in weight and dimensions. Knowing that a turbocharged V6 or a four-cylinder engine is the more likely outcomes. Without any official details, no one knows what the Chrysler will opt for. One of the possible options is a 2.4-liter Tigershark engine. The second outcome is a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6.

Both units could generate up to 600 horsepower and the all-wheel-drive setup is available as an option. However, Chrysler may be ready to pull something unexpected. For now, the 6.2-liter Hemi V8 isn’t the likely drivetrain, because of its size. Of course, the SRT version without the Hellcat engine would be a total disappointment. We can expect more information in the upcoming year.

2020 Dodge Barracuda rear

2020 Dodge Barracuda price and release date

It is hard to predict the price of the all-new 2020 Dodge Barracuda. New chassis and suspension are not cheap. Add the modernizing of the vehicle, both in and out.

With the latest innovation and today’s prices, new Cuda will start at around $70,000 for sure. The 2020 Dodge Barracuda SRT will cost significantly more. The big return of the real American muscle car will happen at the beginning of 2020. When released, the muscular 2020 Dodge Barracuda will challenge models Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.

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