2019 Chrysler Portal is the new all-electric MiniVan

Last year at the Consumer Electronics Show the Chrysler revealed a concept that should happen in the near feature. According to the latest speculations, the 2019 Chrysler Portal could hit the car markets. It is a cool and outlandish concept that was built in a co-operation with Panasonic. Portal will use a Cognitive Infotainment system and the main goal is to connect passengers to the vehicle.

The exterior is similar to the VW’s ID concept and the interior is futuristic. While we wait for further information, this concept will offer a plenty of touch panels and large displays. Chrysler says that the 2019 Portal will show how a family vehicle should look like in the near future. The cabin can accommodate up to six passengers and the model is electric-powered.

2019 Chrysler Portal front

2019 Chrysler Portal exterior styling is perfectly crafted

Small body, a huge greenhouse with plenty of glass is a very familiar concept design. The styling comes as no surprise, as almost all of Chrysler’s concept is looking more or less the same. The overhang around the wheels doesn’t exist and the front offers a unique look. The LED headlights are integrated into the hood and plenty of small air holes will try to cool down the electric motor. The windshield is huge and it holds curvy styling that is a perfect match to the roof glass.

From the side, the doors are looking unique, just like the fender flares. The roof glass curves towards the ground. This styling cue looks unique and refreshing. The doors are sliding, front doors are sliding forward and rear to backward. A lot of sharp body lines and modern creases are giving the overall look an additional boost. The rear end also offers unique and more than interesting styling cues. The taillights are large and the rear glass looks gorgeous.

2019 Chrysler Portal interior

2019 Chrysler Portal interior is from another dimension

The futuristic feel starts immediately after you open the sliding doors. A sense of modern and futuristic is all over the cabin. Plenty of technologies are implemented and the interior is something completely new. On the other hand, you can find a lot of “normal” design cues and shapes. The 2019 Chrysler Portal can fit up to six persons.

Three rows of captain’s chairs are in the offer and pair of rails allows you to slide the seats front and back. In that way, the passengers can reorganize the seating configuration or optimize the cargo area. The door panels are also looking stylish with the nice-looking stripes that are nicely placed. The seats are coming in two-tone color schemes and are very comfortable.

2019 Chrysler Portal side

2019 Chrysler Portal engine

The 2019 Chrysler Portal will run on the electric motor and battery pack. However, there is not a single information about the possible outcomes or any drivetrain specs. On the other hand, only by looking at the design, we can assume that the electric motor is clearly placed below the center floor panel.

Furthermore, it is hard to believe that the other motor could fit into the rear, which means there is only one motor, up front. Logically, the 2019 Portal is a front-wheel drive vehicle. Generally, this concept is not a performance-oriented car, it is more a family car, so don’t expect some stunning performance figures.

2019 Chrysler Portal rear

2019 Chrysler Portal price and release date

According to latest rumors, the 2019 Chrysler Portal will arrive on the markets in the first half of 2019. On the other hand, the pricing is not available at the moment and we’ll have to wait a couple of months more.

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